Welcome to Wowballs

For centuries, the ball has been the world's most recognized and most used toy. Wow Ball now gives everyone a chance to experience playing from inside the ball! Kids of all ages will find endless entertainment and fun.

Fun is what WowBalls® is all about.


Welcome to an amazing experience!

The WOW Experience!

WowBalls® is great for the audience which it always creates. Kids get a chance to exercise like never before, while performing one of the greatest, healthy work-outs which even the audience takes part in. The laughter and fun is contagious. The "giggle effect" is everywhere the Wow Ball is found.

In this fast paced, go-go-go world, we forget the importance of focusing on the kids and in the kid in all of us. The WOW experience takes us back to the basics of having fun and getting back the joy of being a kid again.

People are entertained by watching the WowBalls® in action from the outside nearly as much as the ones on the inside. Either way, everyone is more than curious to know exactly what the experience of Walking on Water is actually like for the first time.


People never become bored watching their friends lose their balance and fall. It only takes a few tries before they begin to hone their balancing skills.

The art of Walking on Water becomes a "healthy addiction" and a license to laugh and permit to water fun!


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